Friday, December 18, 2009

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Review


Until now I have yet to start with my Avenue Flo review, which was suppose to be my next review. However I just finished Apollo Justice and I HAD to talk about it.

Yes am a big fan.

Apollo Justice is part of the Phoenix Wright series except that you are now playing another character. If you wanted to know who, it's Apollo Justice who like in Phoenix Wright's first game is an new attorney.

Story: Setting is around 7 years possible after T&T. Apollo is about to take on his first case and his first client...IS PHOENIX WRIGHT. *gasps* You learn that Phoenix Wright is no longer an attorney because in his last case 7 years ago his attorney badge was revoked. He also has a daughter now, but note that this can't be possible since if it were he would have had her when he was only 18 years old.

Ema Skye from Ace Attorney returns as a detective who replaces Gumshoe from the Phoenix Wright series. She is now very moody-which is a disappointment because I loved Ema Skye- and she loves snacks. LOVES IT.

The cases, similar to Trials and Tribulations are connected because they all slowly unravel the mystery of what ever happened to Phoenix Wright on his last case. I'd tell more, but I think I spoiled you enough as it is. It's just as good as Trials and Tribulations, trust me.

Gameplay: Gameplay is the same as always, with possibly 2 major differences. First of all, you can only present profiles ONLY when required so when talking to people you can only present evidence. Second of all, now that you are Apollo Justice you no longer use the Magatama to discover secrets or lies from other characters. Instead, you have this power to sense tension between others so you can "perceive" when they are lying. In simple terms, it's actually more realistic for a lawyer to have this ability - to notice a habit a witness is using when they're lying. The creators just designed made it look so MAGICAL and possible to use as a feature.

Now that Ema Skye is back, the forensics have returned, and there's more of that when she was just 16. Not only do you test fingerprints, you test for poison on items, test toeprints, test for shoe marks, and read through unopened letters. The interactiveness of the DS is definitely used with this game.

Characters: You can actually sorta put stereotypes to the characters in the game. The main character is always a newbie and unsure of what he or she is doing. (ex: Phoenix Wright in the first 3 series, Mia Fey in Trials and Tribulations, and now Apollo in Apollo Justice), you have a sidekick who is full of energy and may not make sense at times (Maya Fey from Phoenix Wright and now Trucy Wright from Apollo Justice), you have a mentor who seems to know it all and makes you figure it out yourself (Mia Fey from Phoenix Wright, and now Phoenix Wright from Apollo Justice), a prosecutor who was supposedly your rival but helps you out in the end (Miles Edgeworth from Phoenix Wright and now Klavier Gavin from Apollo Justice) and always, at the final case, the guilty one will always be highly super evil but not look it at first (Demon Gant from Ace Attorney, Matt Engarde from Justice for All, Dahlia Hawthorne from Trials and Tribulations and finally, Kristoph Gavin from Apollo Justice)

And in between you will meet characters with their own quirks and if given the proper evidence their break downs are always exaggerated.

Overall, this was just as addicting as the other Phoenix Wright games and a really good game if you like this kind of genre. I don't think Capcom plans to continue the Apollo Justice series, but you never know right?

Miles Edgeworth's game should be out on Feb of 2010 if am not mistaken. CAN'T WAIT.


  1. This game is so epic. And lol at the all-caps MAGICAL. :P

    My favorite breakdown will be Kristoph Gavin's any day. I immediately thought "SUPER SAIYAN". rofl

  2. For a guy who only appeared twice in the game, I'm surprised he's on the cover...but apparently he's THAT important...and well, he is XD