Sunday, January 31, 2010

Global Game Jam 2010

I've played a couple of games for a while but I didn't know if I was ready to review them.

But today I'll not be talking about another game I played, but I game I made.

For 48 hours I was part of the Global Game Jam.

What is the Global Game Jam? It's a game where groups make a game in 48 hours, or 2 days. There is a theme that everyone around the world has to apply in their game, and for each timezone they have their own restrictions.

I will let you know now that it's NOT a competition. It's basically jamming where people who may have just met on that day make a game out of tbe blue.

So how was my experience? It I am so relieved I didn't back out from this.

Sadly, I didn't feel like I truly gave it my all with the game. I wanted to really design but I felt I didn't really design ans much as I had hoped.

It was still a good experience to make a game from start to end without help of an outside source. In a way it was an independent experiment and I am proud to be part of it.

That's all I can write for now. But anyway, if you want free games, go to Global Game Jam and look for something! There are loads of games you can find there!

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