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Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth Review

Source: from Game-Spot

Warning: This could have Spoilers

So, being the Phoenix Wright fan that I am I bought this game and waited 3 weeks for it to arrive (This was a little painful given that everyone was playing it already)

So after a week of finishing it I decided to make a review about it.

Miles Edgeworth is a spin-off from the Phoenix Wright series, where we no longer focus on the courtroom but actually investigate like a detective. I like the fact that instead of doing the Visual Novel Type of gameplay where you don't see yourself, this time they made it more 3rd person perspective by showing Miles walking around and the like. It's a little refreshing really.

Gameplay: It was pretty identical to the Phoenix Wright series, save for the Logic feature. I like how they were able to make a feature of putting two pieces of information and makes it a conclusion. It's pretty much a simple way of how it seems to work in the real world, and simulating something like that must be credited.

Although, I wonder why they don't allow us to present profiles. I kind of found that challenging in the older games, but then again I guess it doesn't really count as "evidence". Random thought...moving on...

Almost forgetting to add you also have the Deduce button when examining a scene. This is where you link something in the crime scene to something you have in your evidence file. It really gives it an investigative feel to it because you need to think about things like that.

Characters: Most of the cast from the Phoenix Wright series were also here like Ema Skye, Gumshoe, Franziska, Wendy Oldbag, and more. Sadly, Phoenix Wright was not present in the game, but if you read closely you'll noticed they reference him a couple of times like "the guy with the blue suit", and so forth.

Of course, we have new people like Kay Faraday, Shi-Long Lang, Calisto Yew to name a few. As always, they all make an interesting cast of people which makes the game amusing to play

Story: Similar to the Phoenix Wright series you have different cases that connect to one big case, which always comes full circle at the last case. For this spin-off we have the mystery of the Yatagarasu, a Robin-Hood thief whose goal is to steal the truth and reveal to all and a big smuggling ring that Interpol is trying to hunt down.

In terms of quality, it still can be just as good as the Phoenix Wright series, but I still think Trials and Tribulations was the best game ever. I'm not sure if this is better than Apollo Justice or me they are on equal ground.

The one thing that annoyed me was when I was practically at the end of the game where it was totally obvious who the killer was but he kept saying "YOU DON'T HAVE PROOF. HAHAHAHAHA" and the like.

It was already annoying enough that I thought it was the ending..but it wasn't to the point I was bored already, but the fact that I had to keep giving evidence to something SO obvious was just horrible. It just felt like they needed an excuse to stretch the game, but to the risk that the player was just bored. I mean, if they wanted us to understand in full detail how it happened they could have just arrested the killer and then just make Miles explain at the end by presenting evidence, etc.

Well, if anything it just proves the lesson learned in Apollo Justice: if evidence is always the thing to solve a case then the criminal will always get away.

Overall: Miles Edgeworth was definitely worth the money. I had a great time playing this game. It was a mix of the Phoenix Wright series with a little mix of new features that won't bore you. If you like Adventure games with fun dialogue and colorful characters with a twist in the story, this is the game for you.

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